2013 UCI World Tour Teams Doping Connections

The 2013 cycling season has been riddled with speculation surrounding the legitimacy of Chris Froome's magisterial Tour De France victory. Not only on twitter and elsewhere online but high profile people have made there views public.
The Sojasun manager; St├ęphane Heulot vented his frustartion after Froome and Sky's dominant display on Mont Ventoux. "It was ridiculous. I don't really have anything to add to that. It's a shame...The peloton has really taken stock of its responsibilities. But I don't know...[Froome] didn't even go about it in a very intelligent way. he's speaking on the radio as he's climbing. some people said he was going to start singing any moment. When you know how hard it is even to take a sip from your water bottle on the Ventoux..." As Pro Cycling put it, translated: it's impossible without doping.

Yet, there still is no evidence. The Armstrong comparison is bewildering considering the amount of doping connections US Postal had even in 1999 compared with Sky's vigorous anti-doping campaign. 

In light of this, it made sense to put together a chart reflecting the current doping connections in the World Tour peleton. The results are striking but should have been obvious. 

Here is the link to the full set of teams and names. 


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