Froome’s Thoughts is a blog about cycling and cycle sport, especially pro cycling.

News, comment, opinion and chat feature here. The aim is to give a different take on the sport and sometimes have a look at things that might get overlooked by the mainstream cycle sport media.

It’s only a blog, half the point is to ramble through things, to think aloud, to dip in and out of subjects. There’s no overriding aim.

Sometimes I think pieces on here are too long-winded, it’s only a blog and I don’t usually have time to edit each piece. By contrast, the concise action happens over on Twitter under the username “Froome’s Thoughts”.

One of the best things is putting out ideas and views and then seeing readers respond via comments, email and twitter.

I started it in March 2013 and it got going as the cycling season picked up. Since then it’s become increasingly well read.

I picked the name Froome’s Thoughts because of the first mainstream hit article I wrote about Chris Froome. The name has stuck.

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